Our Process

Intentional. Systemic. Personal.

Sample Scenario

The Need...

The development of a strategic plan to leverage cross sector partnerships in an urban k-12 district aimed to increase college and career readiness and workforce development.

Ethos Delivers…

· Initial strategy sessions with identified stakeholders

· Conducts 20 on-site observation days including interviews with leadership, staff, families, students and community organizations/businesses

· Develops strategic plan for place-based cross-sector partnership

· Facilitates stakeholder sessions for implementation of strategic plan

· Offers optional 6 month and/or one year follow up

The Results...

· Strategic plan for establishing a sustainable cross-sector partnership between the green jobs industry, specifically a local wind energy company and public school district grounded in project-based learning

· Ready-to-use template for managing the cross-sector partnership at school/district level

· Framework for sustaining and evolving community stakeholder relationships

Process for establishing cross-sector partnership


The process begins with Mode of Learning, choosing a vehicle such as Project-Based Learning, Experiential Learning or Blended Learning.

Then a Priority Outcome is determined, such as increasing graduation rates or improving workforce development.

Secondary Outcomes might include increasing student engagement, equity and/or building cultural competence among educators.

Next a Partnership Sector outside of education is chosen, such as health, green jobs or non-profit programming.

Specific areas within the sector are then chosen- examples within the green jobs sector might include solar, wind or wastewater.

Finally a ready-to-use template is created. The template allows for a clear communication, strategy and evaluation between partners, enabling them to efficiently achieve intended outcomes.

Sample Work Plan

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